Monday, September 2, 2013

MM 59 weeks

                                        Someone has to have his share ! 

Max has been with us almost a year and to mark the occasion a very special friend send him a new ball. It's now one of his favorites along with a red dinosaur from another special friend.


  1. Boy did that year go by fast, Linda. He's such a lucky puppy to have a wonderful home with you and Gabe.

    They sure do love help cleaning up every last bite don't they?

    Does he like opening his own presents? Our dogs used to LOVE Christmas morning-they'd open theirs and when the ran out, they'd try to help Robin!

    And look at him smiling with his new toy-Max is gonna have some kind of fun with that ball-our dogs loved playing catch-bringing it back? That was another story. :)

  2. This year sure did go fast. How many great memories did you make. I remember how he did not like the car rides, and now he is a seasoned traveler. I can remember the pictures you posted of him waiting for Gabe outside the shower. What a year it has been. I look forward to many more MM Mondays. Is that Ice cream he is sharing? I want some too. And I hope he has many happy moments playing with his toys.

  3. You sure have a beautiful dog. I have enjoyed watching him become part of your family. Elaine