Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Before & After Cell Phones


  1. Boy ain't THAT the truth? I don't have a cell phone and Bob only has one for emergencies with his commute.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again-the world was a much simpler place back in the day. And gasp-people actually TALKED to people.

    High tech gadgets have their place........but one on one interaction beats it every time for me-at least you can SEE what a person means rather than interpret it from a text-and sometimes get it so so wrong.


  2. Gm Carol and Linda, How very true. No one ever has a day off. No wonder so many suffer from high Bp anymore.

    Lines are open 24-7. Texting is the worse. Messages arrive in a flash. Sometimes I hear Mr's phone beep beep during the night. Alerting him that he has new mail. No escape unless gasp, you turn it off.

    Safe trip and enjoy.


  3. Oh I so agree with you both. How things have changed. I can see where a cell phone is good for emergencies, or when you are driving and get stuck and need to call for help.....but for people who are so addicted to their phones, they must learn to respect other people, and not talk constantly, and shut them off when in public places...so annoying when you are in a checkout line, and someone is on their phone, and is not paying attention. I could go on and on, but I think you know.

    Have a great day to all

  4. I don't use my cell phone unless its an emergency. If I need to call anyone I do it from home before I go out. My nieces are very rude. I go visit and they don't stop texting or talking on their cells long enough to chat in person. So now they don't see me and wonder why. They have no clue ..Do these cell phones cause brain damage with folks to the point that they forgot how to communicate with a live person..

    Good Morning Ladies.

    1. Linda the picture of Max and his reunion with Luna is priceless ..Thank you for all your shares. Hugs

  5. I feel the same way Dottie does, my nieces tried to do the same thing when I took them out to dinner. "No phones during dinner" strange that they actually had a good time and never stopped talking. I do use my phone everyday and get important work/email alerts, but there is a time and place to answer them.

  6. My cousin, Rita and even Gregory would be the first to tell you how bad I am with that stupid phone. I don't own a "smart" phone, I still have the flip one. I never carry it, forget to charge it and the only reason I have it- we don't have a land line in Florida.

    If Gabe didn't dive I know I wouldn't own one. It all started because he was out on the boat and there was a horrible storm. I had the tv on and they said a boat was in trouble, I almost had a heart attack

    After that scare it was get a phone and let me know you are ok.

  7. Linda I hear you, mine is almost always dead and I can not even use it from my house because we are too far out in the country. Montana has lots of dead zones. I do have a smart phone and still struggle with using it but it has saved my bacon with it's GPS. I also like it for looking up phone numbers, no need for a phone book in the car now. Sanford and Darshan and I all share min. and we never ever even come close to using them all up.LOL