Friday, August 9, 2013

Never to old

to have fun! Made cookies yesterday and the kids must have radar.  While they were eating Gabe took off on one of their scooters!


  1. Hahahah....GOOD FOR HIM! I bet that surprised the kids huh? It looks like he had a ball reliving his childhood.

    Oh you KNOW kids have built in "cookie radar" Linda-they can tell you're making goodies from miles away-and they love ya for it. They're sure gonna miss those homemade cookies when you're in're spoilin' them girlfriend-and I know they love each and EVERY bite. :)


  2. They were beggin for cookies and Gabe just hopped on a scooter. It was so funny cause when they saw him on it they forgot about the cookies and took off after Gabe.

    1. Oh THAT must have been a sight! Kids and their toys............little AND big kids! That's when a video camera would have come in handy, Linda.

  3. Gm Carol and Jj, My what fun and good eats I have missed. Decided that I AM going to take a few to visit.
    Linda, The cookies look wonderful. I love cream cheese pastry and I used it quite often to make mini tarts with. Its very rich and great to work with. I'd really like to try this recipe.

    Kids and cookies nothing better. Except maybe kids and dirty faces. lol

    Gabe, What a Hoot.
    Thanks Linda for the Smile this morning.

    Girlies, have a great day.

  4. WAY to GO GABE !!! We are always kids at heart. LOL, this is so funny. Guess Gabe is lucky he got away before the kids attacked. Would have loved to have been there. Those cookies did look sooooo good. I would gain so much if I lived nearby. I agree, you shoulda had a video camera.

    Have a super day all, it is very soupy here !!

  5. How cute. You go Gabe. I can just hear the kids ..

  6. They never grow up. Just look at the smile on Gabe's face! Am trying the cookies this weekend. Thanks again for the recipe Linda