Monday, August 19, 2013

MM 57 Weeks

Last Thursday the 15th of August we decided to take a drive out to Montauk. It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees and perfect for a walk around town and have lunch at the Lobster Roll.

Montauk is 25 miles from our house but with the traffic in Easthampton and Amagansett it took us an hour to get into Montauk village. 

Max wasn't happy next to the Tiki statue. This was outside the Montauk Beach House.

I was checking out the farmers market and my guys wanted to get away from the crowds. Max wasn't happy, he wanted to check out all the goodies at the farmers market!


  1. Wow, that is some Tiki statue, no wonder Max wasn't happy. He is so handsome, and so is Gabe :-). I don't blame him for being unhappy not going to check out the goodies, someone might have offered him a sample !! Really nice pictures...wish I was there.

  2. lol Max looks like a statue too. lol .

    Don't blame him. I'd want to be checking out the goodies as well. Bet you found some good stuff.
    Sounds like a lovely day. Sounds perfect.

    Gm Myra.

  3. Oh my goodness-Max and Gabe have the same "look" on their faces in the second photo-how cute is that? Hope you found some good stuff at the farmer's market.

    I'm so glad you took a nice day trip-you deserve a fun day away. :)


  4. Carol, you're right... Gabe and Max DO indeed have the same look on their faces. It seems that Mr. Max may need some shades like Daddy. :)


    1. HAHAHAHA Dawn-right? Max with sunglasses-I don't think they'd stand a chance-but that would be priceless!