Monday, August 12, 2013

MM 56 Weeks

When Gabe finishes  his dive he always gives Max the empty Gatorade bottle. Cheap toy that entertains him for about 5 minutes.

                      The cold drink comes first then Gabe can rinse off his dive gear.


  1. Oh my gosh-one of our dogs used to love the plastic bottles-I can't remember which one. Don't know if it was the noise or what but they had a ball-until it broke. Max looks like he's having fun with his treasure.

    And a drink from the hose is always the best-does he love playing "bite the water"? Ours would lap and bite the spray-too funny.

    Puppies are such fun. :)

  2. If you get an old sock or tshirt and put the bottle inside, it takes longer to destroy. I also used to get old t shirts or towels, and braid them together into a rope toy.....

    Max is loving his life......he leads his parents, and is a joy to them all......

  3. Ditto to Max loving his life and his family. All my little girls cound do is push them around.
    Linda your fellow's are both handsome fellows. Myra keeping your furbaby in Prayer. Hugs