Monday, July 29, 2013

MM 54 weeks

Max very focused. Gabe had his orange float and he was ready to get back in the water.

We take the harness off before he goes in the water. It was starting to shrink and since we want it to last awhile put the choke chain on if we need to grab him. 

I like head shots. His personality seems to really come out in them.


  1. What a beautiful dog Max is !! He really does love the water doesn't he? Great way for him to keep cool. I don't like the choke chains, but I have one for Chase also. I don't use it anymore. He is good, but I can understand how Max would need to be pulled back in. Max is still a puppy, and we all know kids of any kind don't like to listen.

    Love the head shots also....he is a beauty.

  2. Ga, Linda, I swear Max really can Put On That Smile! What a handsome guy.

    myra, We had a golden named Chase. I had this real nice name picked out for her ( Autumn) It just didn't work. Dainty no way! lol She loved to chase the Ball and run for sticks. So that made the name very easy. It really did fit her well.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwww look at him. He's a doggie on a mission in the first photo.......all set and ready to chase that float! Myra you hit the nail right on the head........puppies and kids.....neither one like to listen is right!

    I love that second photo-you're so right, his personality shines like a beacon-the camera sure does love him. He's a cutie pie that's for sure.

    Hi Janie!

  4. Hey Myra, Janie and Carol,

    Myra-We love using the harness but it's shrinkin!Once out of the water we put it on the deck to dry. Max sure hasn't gained weight and it was getting very tight. We have to use the choke not when we are at the bay but when we walk him. You know how they get when they are out for a walk and see another dog!

    Janie- We have been lucky that all our dogs have truly fit them. Rex, who Gregory named was a king, a true old soul. Rip, he certainly lived up to that name! Max, little mighty Max.

    Carol- Max loves that float. Gabe lets him bring it in the house, which I'm not happy about but he's Gabe's little buddy and spoiled rotten.

    Thanks for peeking in.

  5. Maybe you could stretch the harness while it is wet. Find something that you could put it over, like a big barrel or something. Those harnesses, like leashes tend to get shrunken when they dry.

    Yes, I do know how they get when they see another dog. Can't tell you how many times I thought my arm was coming out of the socket.

    Janie, so you had a Chase also. My Chase likes to Chase things, but then loses interest. I think he has ADD

  6. He is so cute! I just want to hug him!