Monday, July 22, 2013

MM 53 Weeks

It's been so hot that the basement Max didn't want any part of has now become his favorite place.

When he's not in the basement he hangs out between the kitchen and the deck.


  1. I love how he has his little paws draped over the threshold of the door. He's so, so CUTE!

  2. Max! You are a Ham * But with a smile like that It works * What a big ole Teddybear.
    Thanks Jj. Morning.
    Finding some play time. Finally *


  3. He is a one smart dog....It is cooler in the basement, but still not cool enough. I agree Dawn, he is So so cute !! Good Morning to you Dawn and Janie.

    Love MM.. Now we need some cooler days.

  4. Poor miserable as we were in that awful heat and humidity, I can only imagine how hot he was in his I-can't-take-it-off fur coat. Smart puppy to stay where it's cooler.

    He's such a sweet boy...and I bet he's MUCH happier with this weather we're getting now.

    I know I sure am!