Monday, July 15, 2013

MM 52 Weeks

                                      Waiting for Gabe to toss the float

                                                    And it's off to the races!  


  1. Happy 52 weeks to Max.....what a difference a year can make. I loved watching him grow from a timid puppy to a adventurous toddler. Looking forward to seeing him grow up....Max Mondays rule !!!

  2. What a great photo that first one is-you should frame that one Linda. I can't wait to show it to Bob.

    Max is such a pretty boy...............I know, I know pretty isn't a word to describe a boy-handsome us-but I think he's pretty. :) I'm with you Myra-it's been SO much fun watching him grow up right before our eyes. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by.

    You've got one sweet puppy there, that's for sure. And it looks like he's REALLY lovin' the water......that's a good thing-he's gonna need a way to cool off this week....doggone heat and humidity............ugh..........

    Slap me this winter if I complain about the cold, OK? :)

  3. LOL Carol.......You and me both. Isn't it funny how we complain about the cold in Winter, and then forget all about it when the heat comes ?? I don't know what I like better, I guess the winter is better since you can bundle up, but you can't really do much about the summer humidity, except sweat !! Ahhhhh well, we are never ever satisfied!! We shall be on a slapping match when winter comes !!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA-this winter? Let the SLAP-A-THON begin! Ohhhhhh boy. You're right-it's easy to forget this heat when the temperature hovers around zero or I'm out running the snow blower or shoveling. Good point about being able to add layers to warm up in the winter time. I suppose you could do just the opposite in the summer-peel layers my case..........MAN would the neighbors be disappointed if they looked out their window! Hoooooooo-weeeee................

      I keep telling myself all this wait.........we women don't sweat........we GLOW.............I'm doing is just like sitting in a sauna at the gym melting away pounds.....................pffffffffffffffffhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt.....if only!

  4. What a beautiful photo of Max Linda I wish I could reach in and kiss that cheek. I agree with what was said. You need to frame this top picture. Stay cool Ladies. We are having a heat wave along with lots of storms in our area.

  5. Hey, I know what you mean about the neighbors, I make sure I have my clothes on properly when I take Chase out in the need to show a horror movie that early...Yeah, too bad the humidity doesn't melt the underneath part also.

  6. Max is quite the handsome pup! You can tell that he's a very happy dog. I love these photos of him. <3