Monday, July 8, 2013

MM 51 Weeks

 The heat is oppressive and so thankful we are walking distance to the bay.

As you know, Max is a digger. The float that he retrieved was buried in the woods. He found it, hidden treasure left by Rip.

We bought two of them for Rip, we would throw them out and he would look at us thinking, so when are you going out to get them!

Gabe started Max off slowly in the water. Max doesn't like to be rushed. The  harder you push him to do something he won't even think of doing it.

When we got to the bay we let him go in. He avoids the boat ramp which is extremely slippery. He slipped once and ended up in the water before he wanted to go in and now avoids it at all cost.

Started with sticks and would throw them in close to the shore and now he doesn't have a problem swimming out to get the float.

                                                               Our Patriotic Puppy 


  1. I have enjoyed watching MM growing up Linda. I may not always get in to comment, but know I'm enjoying my updates.
    Big Hugs, Dottiemaye

  2. Isn't this stupid heat something? I know in the middle of winter I was looking forward to warm weather but this is ridiculous! That's so good that you are near the water and Max has taken to it. What a great way for him to cool off. It's gotta be horrible wearing that fur coat in this heat and humidity. Boy they don't forget either-he may never go on that ramp after slipping once. He's no dummy that's for sure.

    I love that second photo of him wearing his Patriotic bandana-have to say I don't know if he's happy about it or not! He looks deep in thought about the whole business.

    I just love Max Mondays....I agree with Dottiemaye-it's been so much fun watching him grow up.


  3. YES Carol, this stupid heat is something !!!!! Hate it, and I know what you mean about wanting warm weather in the winter. We should be shutting our wants and maybe it will do what we want without us wanting. Got that one ??

    Anyway, love these MM pictures. He is such a beautiful dog. How amazing he found Rip's float. Now if that isn't a sign, I don't know what is. I got goosey bumps here. You are lucky that Max likes the water. Chase runs when I turn the hose on. He is such a Sissy.

    Can't believe it is almost a year since you got Max. What difference a year makes. Love watching him grow. He is such a wonder.

    I can't imagine how hot it must be for dogs with their fur in this heat. Chase has been so not lively.

    Sure hope we get a break in the heat, and hope all of you have a super day.