Friday, July 19, 2013

Hazel's Pizza Party

Honestly, I love my computer. It not only brings news, which the television no longer delivers into my home but anything I want to know, is there on a click.

Before facebook and pinterest I was lucky to find Reddit. I hang out over there a lot. This article explains Reddit better than I could.

One of the major networks did a short segment about one of the subs/ random acts of pizza. It started with the idea that no one should be hungry and a person would post why they needed a pizza and someone would get a pizza to them. 

This appeared a few days ago.  When you subscriber to a sub/ reddit  all the top stories will go in your "front" page. This was the top post on pics. Someone was walking past the Children's Hospital and happen to look up and took this picture.
The photo received 1100 comments. HuffingtonPost did a short video and you get see the little girl who got enjoy pizza thanks to the  kindness of people on a web site I'm sure she never heard of.

Next day they followed it up with a photo of the girls and a link to  the Hazel Fund which donations were made by people who saw the post.

 Good job Reddit!


  1. I had heard of Reddit but never really looked into it. I don't belong to Facebook-never had the interest.....and I still do catch the news at noon and 11 on TV.....but if I was to choose what news I see on the Internet-Reddit sounds like a wonderful source.

    Feel good stories like this are the things that get lost in the violence and bad stuff that's going on in our world today. It's so nice that there's a place that focuses on the good in people, not just the bad.

    God bless sweet little Hazel-I loved reading the story of the impromptu pizza party on their blog.......isn't the Internet a powerful tool in society today? And this time it made some who are dealing with some pretty sad stuff in the hospital forget for just a little while and have a party. What a wonderful story.

    Thanks Linda!


  2. Carol, the story about Hazel is so touching and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to share it on the blog.

    So many really feel good stories that you never hear about and should be shared.


    1. That's SO true Linda.......why does the media feel the need to shove all the bad news at us and push stories like this aside? Maybe the world would be a better place if we DID hear more of these heartwarming stories.

      If only huh?


    2. What a nice story. I had checked out Reddit when Linda told me about it before, but haven't looked lately. I will have to. It is sad, that the news mostly only tells bad news. I guess people like to hear that more than good human interest stories. I don't watch much tv. Just watch a couple of shows, and most of the time I fall asleep watching the 10 pm news. I have the news channel as my home page, so I look at it online. I like the human interest stories. Sometimes you have to be careful tho, since lots of them are not true. I agree the world would be a better place if we saw more of these stories. Yeah Carol, IF ONLY !!

  3. Linda thank you. I have never heard of Reddit or Hazel Fund. This story needs to go furthur than your blog sweetie. More need to hear this. Yes so sad that the news media only tells so much and things that need telling goes unnoticed. : (

  4. Too cool, I love stories like this, I am addicted to Reddit and try to stop by at least once a day. Thanks Linda for posting this, good things are still happening in the world.... I need to remember that. Car goes in today.