Monday, June 24, 2013

MM 49 weeks

Our home became the happy house when Gregory came for a short visit.

Max heard the bike and bolted out of the door, he knew his buddy was out there and couldn't wait to see him.

                                                           Think Max is happy?

                          Shout out to Ms. Sharon! Come see us this winter.
                   Poor puppy, so tired after all that play time, needs a lap to rest on.


  1. Oh geez-now that's a LOTTA doggie for one lap. Max looks so happy to see Gregory-and must have been so down in the dumps to see him go.

    I hope Gregory gets a chance to visit again and stay a little longer-I know Max does too. :)

  2. What great pictures !! Max was in his glory ! I had a good laugh at Max on Gregory's lap. Kinda looks like Max is praying, Please let Gregory stay here longer. Gregory looks great. Love MM

  3. Before Long Gregory will be sittimg im Max's Lap..Love these Pictures. My Goodness How Handsome Gregory is..Be still my Old Beating Heart. Yes Max is in His glory on his best buddies lap..

  4. Loved having Gregory home. Thanks Dottie, he's a good person, just wish he would find a wonderful lady.