Monday, June 17, 2013

MM 48 weeks

Not many nice days to play outside. When he did finally get out it was play hard time.

They ran and ran and when Luna had enough she headed to the back yard to get away from Mad Max! He's to big to fit in the little opening to the pool so when she wants to get away from him she heads to the "spa". Smart girl.


  1. So funny......Max is learning he can't do everything. Is that your pool??

  2. No, that's where Jake lives. They put the pool in for the kids and summer people won't rent unless there is a pool and a spa which they have.
    Luna know the spot to sneak in to get away from Max.

  3. Hahahahaha! Luna is one smart cookie---and look at that SMILE on Max's face. They sure are having fun.

    Wasn't it nice to see the sunshine again?

  4. lol He is smiling. What a sweetheart. I have been so Mia. Chores and more chores. Too much work around here.

    Still thinking about that potato recipe. lol. I can see that one happening soon.

    It is great to see the sun and warmer temps.

    Have a great day