Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Morton's

Best part of the day! I leave early and walk for about 2 hours. I spend a good part of the time on the beach collecting shells.

 Lions Mane Jelly Fish.They are quite common in Long Island waters as well as along the entire Atlantic coast. Biologists working in Peconic said there are a lot of them around. The underside is darker colored.

I really like this shot. When I see something I never rearrange  anything. I lie on the sand and take the shot. This was taken with my everyday lens. Would of loved to have had my macro-lens.


  1. Gm, What a little beach Bunny you are. I too love to collect shells. I have filled 2 Ginger jars so far with them. Ours are getting very scarce.

    That jellyfish is very different. Is that a Turtle Egg? Our are Green and on close inspection one can actually see a small black dot in the center of the egg.

    Lovely beach. Great Shots . I always enjoy them. Thanks for sharing a little corner of your world.


  2. Oh my goodness-that jelly fish looks like it's covered with grape jelly! Amazing....

    I love that second photo too......wait until Bob sees that.

    I can see why you love walking there every day, Linda. Such a pretty place-so much to see and a what a nice peaceful way to start your day.


  3. I would LOVE to walk on the beach with you. Walking on the beach is so relaxing, and you have found the most interesting things to photograph. I can just picture you laying on the sand to get your perfect shot. Also, the heart is just perfect, and so are you.