Monday, May 27, 2013

MM 45 Weeks

 Gabe picked up a harness which Max did not want to wear. He chewed on it and it was a fight to get it on. Now he likes it and keeps it on all day.
            Three days of rain and no Luna to play with! What's a puppy to do!


  1. Sure wish I could get Max here to play with Chase. He looks so sad laying there with no one to play with. He is so handsome. I do remember those poppies. The vets still stand in the front of the supermarkets here with their cans and when I get mine, I attach it to my handbag. I have lots of them in my house. Hope your Memorial Day is a good one for all of you.

  2. Look at him sitting there so proud....he strikes a pose with the best of them. :)

    The weather has been SO awful here-and today it's sunny but still pretty darned cool for May. Hopefully the sun will stay out and things will dry so Luna can come and play. He looks like he's ready for some fun time. :)

    I got my poppy Saturday on my way into the grocery store. I do what you do's attached to my purse. The VFW veterans still stand in front of the post office here in town with them.

  3. Max looks so regal in his new harness... definite attitude going on there!