Saturday, May 11, 2013

Land Down Under

Our local dive shop did two or three trips a year. Every year they would go to Cozumel and Bonaire. This was a new trip  to Papua New Guinea and Divingabe wanted to go.  

We flew from NY to Hawaii, where we had time to rest before our next leg. From Hawaii to Australia, we also had a night to sleep then if was off to PNG.

We were on the boat a week then flew back to Australia where Gabe and I celebrated our anniversary. The rest of the group when leaving Australia flew directly back to NY. There was a stop over  in Hawaii where Gabe and I stayed for three days. Due to the dateline we were able to celebrate our anniversary again in Hawaii.
Click on the link to see photos of Papua New Guinea, a tiny bit of Australia and some of Honolulu, Hawaii



  1. What fantastic photos Linda-you and Gabe had quite an adventure! Definitely an anniversary to remember for sure.

    I can't wait for Bob to see these-he went to Hawaii many times when he worked for Digital in CA.............

  2. Beautiful !!!!! It is nice to "visit" these places through pictures. For sure I will never get there.

  3. These are such beautiful photos. You and Gabe are so fortunate to have been able to visit such beautiful places. I like the photo of all the surfboards and I know this photo is near and dear to your heart, as your Pop H. used to make by hand his own surfboards. ~Dawn

  4. I know I will never get there. I agree with the comments above me. Linda how blessed you and Gabe have been. Such lovely places you have traveled. God bless you for taking us to see these wonders. Hugs, Dottiemaye

  5. What beautiful Photos Linda. What an exciting place to visit. Absolutely amazing.

    What a opportunity. Sounds like you and Gabe had a wonderful time!


  6. Sunny Alexander-StitzWednesday, July 10, 2013

    I was just going thru all your photos and loving them all!! :) I could use a beach fix about now.

  7. Sunny- thanks so much for peeking in! You, Dottie, Paddi, Mrya stopping by made my day!

  8. Hey good to see another familiar face.