Monday, April 22, 2013

MM 40 Weeks

Where does time go? It seems like yesterday we were driving to Buffalo to pick up our new puppy and look at him now!

He's a laplab with Gabe. Max and I still have our issues. He listens to Gabe and he's smart. To smart for two old people.

He knows when we eat dinner. Gabe gives him a taste of what we had in his dish. About an hour before we eat he get pushy. He knows dinner is around the corner and he "encourages" us to get moving. He started a habit of barking. That's a huge no in this house.  Rex, our first Lab barked when someone came to the door, Rip never barked. Max barking because he wants us to move, NOT! Max starts and Gabe pulls him into our room and closes the door. Time Out for Max. The funny part Gabe has done it so many times he now says- in the room and Max heads for the room. 

Gregory's kitchen is small and  my work space is this corner. Looks who makes sure he's there for the drops.



  1. Smart Max, this is what he is. So funny he knows when his time out is coming. He got so big, it is hard to believe he is not even a year yet. Good thing Gabe has a big lap, since laplab Max is filling it up pretty good. I just adore lap dogs, wish Chase would come on my lap, he just lays next to me, and his feet end up on mine. Max sure knows where the GOOD Food will come from in your corner of the kitchen. Max Mondays are so nice, I love seeing him grow.

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHH that Max.......he's a cagey one alright. Hahahaha I agree Myra-it's a REAL GOOD THING Gabe has a big lap cause that's a WHOLE LOTTA DOG! Our Shepherd/Lab used to sit on either Bob's or my lap when a thunderstorm about a load....whew!

    I can't believe how big he's gotten Linda........that FL warmth made him grow REAL fast! I too love watching him grow-he changes every week it seems.

    Boy, don't they know when they're being naughty. I bet pretty soon all Gabe will have to do is POINT and Max will know he's in time out. That's what Bob used to do with our dogs when they acted up-and boy they knew they were in hot water. Max is gonna be all confused when you guys get home..........he won't know what room to go to TIME OUT in!

    Yep-he's no fool-he knows good food and he knows right where to park...he's Mommy's little helper alright..........oh boy.

    Thanks for another fun Max Monday. :)

  3. WOW... Max is getting SO big! This is a sweet photo of Max and Gabe. That Max, he sure knows where to hang out... he knows his Mommy is a great cook!