Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Born before a united England

The Pontfadog Oak, which was 1,285 years old was blown over last week by extreme winds.

Link to the tree when it was Alive from google images.

So very sad, losing a tree like this one is almost like losing a friend. You grew up with it, your parents and grandparents and many generations of your family grew up around it and it was visited and enjoyed and now it's gone.


  1. So sad that the tree lasted so long only to be blown over. The link did not work. I would have liked to see this tree alive.

  2. That must have been SOME strong wind to take that tree down. Look at the root ball.....Wow!

    You're so right Linda, losing a tree this old would be like losing a friend-so many memories must be wrapped around it. Photos taken in front of it.......sitting under it......probably kids climbing it.

    So sad to see it go..........

  3. Thanks for fixing the link so I could see what it looked like. Wow, what a tree. It is like a part of history is gone now. I had to laugh at myself. The first thought that came to mind when I saw the tree, was it looks like something from the forest in Wizard of Oz...You know how they have those spooky old trees in the fairy tales. This tree was really really old. Must have had lots of stories to tell.

  4. With the root ball it would be nice if they could replant it.That is so sad.I'm off to check out the link. Myra wouldn't it be great to hear the stories from the trees eye view. It seems I watched a movie like that. Hugs, Dottiemaye