Friday, March 22, 2013

Stuffed Green Pepper Casserole

 I picked up green peppers at Winn- Dixie for 69 cents each
Gregory gave his Dad  a huge box of cajun food this Christmas and boudin balls was included in the package, AND THREE boxes of Zaps!!!!!

I've made stuffed peppers and I wanted to try something different and this was perfect for what I had on hand.

This is the original recipe which I adapted .
1 lb lean ground beef or ground turkey( I used a package of boudin balls)
small package frozen corn kernels( 1 14 oz can corn-drained)
2 cups prepared brown or white rice( I don't like rice so I only added 1/2 a cup)
3-4 green peppers, cut into thin strips( 2 large pepper, the first one I sauted  and the second one I put in raw
1 large can tomato sauce ( I can rotel sauce)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese( used a mexican blend)
I also added about 2 cloves of minced garlic
1/2 onion-cut into small pieces

I browned the boudin balls in a small amount of EVOO, which I  added the onion and garlic to a med. size pan.
Once cooked I added to a large bowl.
Added the first pepper, which did a whirl in the food processor into the pan a saute until soft.
Added that pepper to the meat mixture.
The second pepper wanted a ride in the food processor and when it was done I added it to the meat mixture.
I added my can of drained corn and the rotel sauce and the tiny amount of rice.
I added a few hand fulls of the Mexican cheese mixture and put it in a 9 inch dish.
To the top I added more Mexican cheese till the entire mixture was covered.
Baked it at 350 for 30-45 mins.

Other ideas - would make a good dip.

My Divingabe said next time it would be great over nachos!  Now that's an idea that I'll definitely try.

Pork Boudin Balls This is the type I used



  1. I make something very similar called an Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole-I bet we'd LOVE this Linda. I've never heard of Boudin Balls.....ya learn something new every day! :)

    Thanks for sharing the great recipe and yummy photo,


  2. I was wondering what Boudin Balls were. I looked them up, so now I am clear. This looks so good. Oh Carol, I love that Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole. It is so much trouble to stuff the cabbage, well not really, but I have gotten so lazy. Cabbage and tomatoes are a favorite of mine. Getting so hungry now, I must go find some food. Going to save this one.

  3. Great looking Recipe Jj! Boudin Balls. lol. Almost as funny as Frog Balls ! lol

    Thanks for sharing it. Great Photo as usual.


  4. This recipe looks delicious and so does the photo! Stuffed green peppers (a favorite meal of mine) made into a casserole is a nice variation of this meal. Thanks for sharing. Aurora