Monday, March 11, 2013

MM 34 Weeks

Walk? That means we have to bring home a souvenir. He use to pick up empty water bottles and now the branches are getting bigger and bigger. Once he picks it up he has to carry it ALL the way home.

This is a tiny portion of the "toys" he has . Every room with the exception of Gregory's and the treadmill room has is stuff lying around. When we get home I'm going to get a bin and try to teach him to put his "toys" away. Like that's gonna happen!

My original idea was to get a photo of him bring home mail. Gabe gives his junk mail and he carries it into the house and then shreds it. There was no mail the day I took this. Gabe saw me at the end of the driveway and took him off the leash. We live on a dead end road so I didn't have to worry about traffic. When he spotted me he took off like a bolt of lighting.

Cute little smile huh?


  1. Lordy, the way that puppy is growing, he'll be bringing home a tree pretty soon instead of a branch! That's quite the log he's dragging in that photo-he gave himself a real workout!

    Our dogs always had a bin for their toys-one of them we taught to put the toys away......the last 2? Nope.........Kayla would drop one in every so often.......then take out 3 more. Geesh. I bet Max will catch onto "pick up the toys"....can't hurt to give it a try.

    OMG I LOVE the last photo-he's all excited to see Mom........too darned cute that one. The ears and the smile says it all. :)


  2. I am sitting here smiling looking at Max. Wondering what size branch he will bring home next. Lots of luck trying to get him to put his toys away. This looks pretty much like my house, toys in every room. I am always tripping over them. The last one I love. It is so awesome to see dogs running. I just think it is so beautiful. He is so happy to see you. Guess you can't stay mad at him long. Thanks for jump starting my Monday !!

  3. Mr. Max is getting so big! You can see by the look on his face that he's a happy dog! That is quite a large stick to pay fetch with!

    As for the toys... wouldn't it be nice if we could train our dogs to pick up their toys and put them back in the toy box! This little guy has a lot of toys.

    Linda the smile on Max's face when he saw you at the end of the driveway says it all..."MOMMY"!!!!
    Please give Max a hug and a kiss for me. I can't wait to meet him!