Monday, February 25, 2013

MM 32 Weeks

                                                                      Helping Out

                          Max wanted to know what took Gregory so long to come home!

It was so cute. Gregory got back to the house after 10 pm and we were asleep.  Max came back in our bedroom to let us know his "buddy" was home. Happy little pup that the family was back together.


  1. How cute that he let you know his "buddy" was home. I bet the "buddy" was happy too. Max is growing so big. It is so much fun to see him each week. I look forward to the MM Mondays.

  2. Hahahahaha-helping fold the blanket-bet Gabe didn't think that was helping! :)

    I bet Max is in 7th heaven with Gregory home-did Max sleep the rest of the night or was he just too excited to sleep? Gregory must have seen the change-especially in size. I agree with Myra-Max is getting so big!