Monday, February 18, 2013

MM 31 Weeks

                             We have a very head strong 7 month old on our hands!

There are two rooms Max is not allowed in Gregory's and the treadmill room. He's not really interested in the TM room but leave Gregory's door open a crack and he's in there faster than lightening.

He's found a nice new water bowl- the toilet. Lid is now permanently down . Forget about taking a shower. The bathroom door has to be closed.

He also decided to bark not when he has to go out, but when he wants to play. He sits next to Gabe and barks. Mean Mommy is NOT going to put up with a puppy controlling our life so I pull him in our bedroom and close the door. Max's time out.

Saved the best for last. He's about 63 pounds. Gregory has a fenced in back yard. He runs like a wild boy and if I'm standing and not paying attention he takes his body and body slams me!
The first time he did it he almost knocked me over. Now I know when he's zooming around the yard to pay attention.

 ANY food - he wants some. He eats everything. I gave him a tiny bit of cucumber and he ate it and did he like quinoa!



  1. Ohhhhhhh boy have you got your hands full. That Max is full of mischief alright. Aren't they somethin'?

    I have to laugh at "assume the position." Our dogs knew better than to do that to me-I was the Mean Mommy that wouldn't give them people food.....Bob on the other hand? He's the softie.....they'd sit-one on each side of him and start serenading him when they knew he was almost done eating. These pups are too funny.

    Isn't it something how strong they are when they start tearing around at warp speed? Gotta keep your eye on them or you'll be flat on your back!

    Oh the porcelain water bowl......ugh.......remember those days too. Love the "time out" story you really wanna know the look he's giving you through that door? Hahahaha......

    Look at it this way Linda-life with Max is NEVER boring! And I love hearing about it every Monday. :)


  2. Linda, loved today's story. Max is going to be a real handful the older he gets. I loved the story about the bathroom. And a Time Out....gosh, I wish I had thought of that one when Chase was younger, he could have used quite a few, and even now he needs some.

    The pictures are so good. I agree with Carol...Life with Max is NEVER boring....I also LOVE seeing his pictures and hearing his antics every Monday.

  3. Linda my little girl's have never known the joys of the porcelain bowl. I'm glad they don't know what their missing.Your MM sounds like he showers you with an abundance of love and joy. Hope you don't bruise easy with those body slams. Get your self some football gear when your not paying attention. Big Hugs.