Monday, February 4, 2013

MM 29 Weeks

Happy to inform you that Max's leg is better,not healed but it's better than it was a few weeks ago.

                        I really like this one, his personality beams for all to see.


  1. What a happy puppy !!! Max looks like he is so content and I am so glad that he is healing. I would love to give him a real hug....but since I can't give him one for me.

  2. HAHAHAHAH-I love it! That first photo is priceless-he looks like he's trying to decide what to do.

    That second one cracks me up-I can't wait for Bob to see that one!

    You should frame that third one Linda-that's a beauty-he's smiling so pretty for the camera.

    Thanks for my Max fix for the week-I so look forward to them. :)


  3. I am so happy to hear this. The picture's are priceless. Give Max a hug for me.

  4. Yay! Maxi is on the mend... great news! Someone is trying to get Daddy's attention! Max is such the cute pup! xoxo ~Aurora

  5. Oops! Typo... I meant Max! ~Aurora