Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beneath The Sea

                                                      All the photos were taken by our son, Gregory.

                                                                            Clown Fish

I really like these, they are Christmas Tree Worms. Any motion of water they shrink back into the coral.

                                                                              Peacock Flounder

This was taken in 2006. This was the last time I was in the water. We were in  Bonaire and Gregory was able to join us.

 My orange diving cap has screaming jelly fish on it. The large yellow circle is a ring on my weight harness. I don't like weight belts and the harness works really well for me. The end of the yellow coil is my second stage regulator. When diving if anyone runs out of air you share the air in your tank with the person in distress. My dive computer is hooked to my buoyancy control vest and my regulator is next to my fins. My tank had 3,000 psi and I was NOT an air hog. I would do an hour dive and come back with about 1,000 psi.


  1. These photos are wonderful. It must be so amazing to be underwater with all the different fish and coral. I remember when you went, maybe one of these days, you will take another dive.

  2. It's a whole other world beneath the sea. A beautiful world that only a handful get to experience in person. I'm glad that you as a family were able to experience this together. Something tells me you'll be getting back in the water in the near future. I love the clown fish photo... beautiful colors! ~Aurora

  3. You are so blessed to have seen a world we can only see through a divers eye's. /