Thursday, January 31, 2013

Peacock State Park

Peacock is about an hour from the house. It's a state park and the admission is four dollars to cave dive. It's a very popular place but Divingabe can not dive alone. He needs a buddy so he doesn't get to dive there as much as he would like. January 28th he did a three hour dive in the above cave,they entered at one location and exited at another. They swam about a mile in three hours. Notice how large the cave system is, a diver can spend many hours exploring.

Dan Wright was very kind to share his photos with us. Gabe was his model for the day.

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  1. The caves look so pretty....I bet it is so beautiful underwater. Three hours is such a long time to be under they stay there or come up for a break? Gabe looks so awesome in his dive gear and the picture is beautiful...Thanks for sharing this. It is something I would never do, and love seeing it.