Monday, January 21, 2013

MM 27 Weeks

Our little Max has a problem with his front left leg. We took him for a walk in O'Leno State Park on New Years Day and he was bitten by a tick. Naturally that was our first thought- Lyme's.

When Gregory was home they played, and Max plays hard, he takes no prisoners. Maybe he hurt himself then.

Divingabe and I were concerned, and made an appointment to see Dr. Devlin. They are so nice at Hilltop Hospital and we were able to get him in right away.

Dr. Devlin thinks he may have Panosteitis, which is growing pains in dogs. There is a slight predisposition of males over females and larger breeds are affected. It can last one to three weeks but will recur,often changing legs, until he outgrows the condition.

The bone's marrow cavity contains two types of marrow. One produces blood cells and the other fatty marrow. In panostetis the fatty marrow is replaced with fibrous tissue. The fibrous tissue is then replaced by a type of bone called woven bone.Eventually, the normal cells involved in the bone remodeling finally take over, building new bone where it should be.

He's on an anti-inflammatory, and when we finish giving him all the pills, if he's not better then he needs an x-ray and we will go from there.

Please keep a positive thought that he will be ok after he finishes his meds.



  1. Little Max is in my thoughts and prayers. Keep in mind that he has been growing quickly at this point in his puppyhood... so hopefully the anti-inflammatory pills will help to ease his growing pains. I'm putting good thoughts out there that his leg issue will resolve itself SOON! A big hug for Max. <3 ~Auroraa

  2. Poor Max, and poor you and Divingabe. It is so hard when our pets have a problem, and I hope the meds will help with his pains. Max has been growing so quickly, as Aurora has said, and tho it is normal, he has to adjust. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.....he is a handsome puppy, and will be a handsome teendog.

  3. OH NO Linda! Poor Max......I agree with Myra-it's so hard to know what's wrong with our furry kids when they have these kind of problems....always a guessing game and one big worry.

    Sending good thoughts, prayers and lots of hugs that the medication does the trick and Max is as good as new real soon.


  4. Oh poor Max. I sure he gets better soon and that the medication works. I also hope the vet is right about it being just growing pains.

  5. God Bless Your Max and prayer's for complete healthy bone's. Dear Lord you know how much our furbabies mean to us. We come to you to ask that Max starts to feel better soon. Thank You Lord. Amen.