Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is Divingabe's go to dive shop. Wayne sells diving gear, anything you need, he has. Gabe can get fills for his tanks 24 hours a day, self service. 

Every year Wayne has a party to celebrate the day he opened the shop and this party was his sixth year anniversary.

He had a blue grass band that played all day, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried fish,bbq pork. People also bring something and my contribution this year was the Do Si Dos.

Last year there were two guys making "pop ems". They would take cresent rolls and break off tiny bits and fry them and then add powdered sugar. Boy were they good!

 Wayne gave out tickets for door prizes and believe me, I don't win anything! I met two very nice ladies and I was having a wonderful conversation about consignment shops and Wayne called my number. I won a dive knife! Me with a knife-LOL!!!!
One of the ladies I was  talking to won a tee shirt so we swapped. Divingabe won a cap, which is now mine.


I made extra cookies for Wayne. I'm glad I did since there wasn't one cookie left. I made the first batch on sunday and made another batch monday morning.

Thank you Wayne for inviting us! We had a nice time and I came home with a tee shirt and cap:-)


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  1. Congrats to Wayne and Amigos for the 6th anniversary. Sounds like the party was a fun one, and the T shirt is so nice. I like the captions. Enjoyed reading about the shop.