Sunday, November 11, 2012

MM 17 Weeks Old

                     Meet our Max's Vet in High Springs- Dr. Devlin.

Max was 34 pounds on 11/09/212. Remember when we picked him up? He was close to 11 pounds at 8 weeks. See what  a lot of love does?

Yesterday we went to the Alachua Fall Festival and Max loved it. So many new people so many "Oh, he's so cute"!

                                 Diagnosis: Puppy kisses can cure anything!


  1. Had to come and see Max this morning right away....he is getting so big and so beautiful !! His face is just heart melting. I wish I was there to give him a big hug. Love the pictures today.

  2. Mighty Max is getting so big! I love the look on his face at the vet's office! I can't wait to meet the little fellow. :) ~Aurora

  3. Max is soooo sweet. What a cutie!!! You should be a proud Mom Linda.

    ~Susan (Alliea)