Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ride Across The Peconic

Whenever I wanted to get to the North Fork and didn't want to drive around I had to take two ferries. It's gotten very expensive to take the car over that way and this summer a new passenger ferry started. It was a pretty good deal- 20 dollars round trip. The ride takes about 45 mins and the only issue I had with it is where to park while on the North Fork.

So many beautiful summer homes. I took this when going  out of the marina.
 This is Bug LightHouse
coming into the North Fork


  1. What beautiful pictures. It is so nice to read about and see the pictures of your neck of the woods. How long would it take to drive around if you didn't take the ferry? Thanks for sharing.

  2. That weekend it would of taken hours. Bumper to bumper traffic all the way. The North Fork is wine country and still has many farms so in the fall VERY crowded with people who love to pick apples and pumpkins.The passenger ferry ends the last week of September.

  3. Wow, what a big time saver the ferry is. Too bad it ends soon. Must be a pretty drive tho.