Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Short Stroll

It's finally gotten nice, I can actually go out and enjoy what's left of the summer. I also realized that it won't be long before we are headed back to Florida so I better get my NY fix in before we head back down.

Divingabe was in Moriches Sunday with Neil at the artificial reef. It was a shallow dive, about 60 feet and I wasn't sure if he would bring home a lobster or mussels.( He didn't but said there were lots of black fish but it's not black fish season yet, they are only allowed to fish for them during a certain time of the year)

I headed over to Long Beach to do a short walk and take a few shots.

Mussel in the surf

sort of looked like a heart
Beach Plum Bush
I don't know if we will still be on the island when the berries are ready this year. Would love to make some beach plum jelly. Myra, you up for trying something new?

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  1. Looking at your pictures gives me a good feeling. Used to love walking on the beach when we went down the shore. It has been a long time since I have walked on the beach, so your pictures bring back lots of memories. The different shapes of the stones are so pretty.

    Not sure if beach plum jelly is my thing, tho I hope you get to make some for you. Thanks for asking tho. Not much of a fruity person...oh wait, I am fruity, but not in taste.