Saturday, August 11, 2012

Linda's Own Salsa

I had so many tomatoes from my very generous friend Rita  and Divingabe loves salsa. We go to BJ's and I buy a huge bottle which he snacks on while usually watching Judge Judy at 4pm. His appy before dinner:-)

I looked up a few recipes and I was missing ingredients and there was no way I wanted to go out to King Kullen.I didn't have any Rotel or canned green chilies and could do without them. Summer traffic is horrible!

I weighed up 3 pounds of the tomatoes.
Blanched them in boiling water, put them in a bath of ice water
Removed skin and all the seeds, diced them.
I had three stalks of celery left in the bin that I threw in.
Added about 8 jalapenos and 3 green peppers.
The celery and jalapenos and green peppers I added to my Cuisinart and pulsed them a few times. Wanted it to be chunky.I added about a tablespoon of Tony Chachere's.

Added everything to a very large pot and boiled for a short time and then simmered till it got to the consistency I wanted.

When Divingabe came home from his dive I told him that I made him salsa. He said it was sweet! There wasn't a bit of sugar in it. I didn't want the extra calories. I really liked it and he ate it so it must of been good.


  1. Sounds and look so good. Love salsa, sometimes it doesn't like me, but I eat it anyway.

  2. This salsa looks delicious! Divngabe is lucky that his Honey is such a good cook! ~Aurora

  3. Yummy Looks good Linda..I put some Salsa in my homemade Chili the other day. It was so good..