Monday, June 11, 2012

The Oregon

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day . Divingabe went out with Neil to the Oregon. The Oregon is 15 miles offshore from Patchogue. The Oregon was a passenger ship that sunk over a hundred years ago. It's a 130 foot dive. Here's some information on The Oregon
Divingabe picks the mussels up on the wreck. They don't sit on sand and thus have no grit and don't need to be soaked.
I steam them in water. No white wine and garlic. Been there done that. The mussels that he pickes up from wrecks are sweet and plump.
I love mussels! Would rather have mussels than a lobster anyday.

This was the first of ten bowls of mussels I cleaned.

I'll have dinner for a few nights, first plate of steamed mussels. 

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  1. WOW, what big mussels. I don't eat them, but the rest of the family goes nuts over them. They usually like them with garlic, wine and butter to sop up the bread. Divingabe sure does have the great pick of the seafood. Enjoy your dinners.......