Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ant Juice

How I hate those little red ants in florida! I can't forget next time DO not wear sandals in the yard. They seem to know when I'm there. I bet there's a trumpet call- she's here!
Home we have the huge carpenter ants and the normal little ants that are just a royal little pain.
I've used ant traps and saw this homemade recipe that is sure worth a try!
Another source to check out.

here something else Mix two tablespoons of borax with jam, jelly, honey or syrup until there is a paste. Smear some on some paper or a plate and put it where the ants are at. They should flock to it and eat it and take it back to the nest and it will act as a natural ant killer.

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  1. Sorry I didn't have this last year when my aunt was dealing with some very stubborn ants.....going to keep this one!