Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aigoo -Three More!

I was hooked on two Korean dramas this winter
Rooftop prince
King 2 Hearts
I was so addicted to these shows that I would watch
them raw, which meant no subtitles just to see what
was going on and THEN re-watch when  subbed.

Now I have another three! They air on Korean tv and I have to
wait for the subbers to do their magic.

My big three this time are

Big- a take off on the Tom Hanks movies

Dr. Jin- renowned modern-day neurosurgeon is transported back 150 years to the Chosum years and forced to practice medicine during a much more primitive era.

A Gentleman's Dignity- A Sex and City Korean style.

Sites to watch


  1. OH, MY!! Your "aigoo" brought back memories of living in Korea for me. Our housekeeper would say this at times. I still find myself saying some Korean phrases and words. Thanks for the info on the Korean dramas... I'll have to look into them.
    P.S. I like the socks! ~Aurora

    1. You know, you got me curious now.....I am going to check them out. Sounds like something I might like. Do you watch them on the computer? I have never watched any movies or shows on my computer, so maybe it is time to start.

      Aurora, how long did you live in Korea for? It must have been so interesting.

  2. Myra, I lived there for about 2 1/2 years. It was very interesting and a great learning experience. I was able to experience another way of life, and my surroundings were quite different. We lived in Seoul, this was my first time living in a large city. The one thing I missed the most was a nice big grocery store with lots of selections. The overall cultural experience was great... I especially enjoyed trying the many delicious Korean dishes. One of my favorites was chap chae. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Korean restaurant, give this dish a try.

  3. Going to look up chap chae...every time I find something I never heard of I google it, so I can learn. It must have been such a great experience living there for all that time. It is very interesting to see how other people live and their cultures. I don't think I have had Korean food, I shall find out where there is restaurant near here.