Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artists Association Show

I love taking photos and noticed that the culture center was having an art show and I hoped to see some great photographs. There was a few and one by a photographer named Arthur Anderson. My cousin knows him and I have admired his photos on facebook. He is extremely talented.
This first photo is Arthur's
This is the Ponquogue bridge in Hampton Bays. I have to mention that this is the new bridge and part of the original is still used for fishing. Divingabe and I have done a few dives under this bridge, one dive we actually saw tropical fish that somehow made it north.

                                              This photo was on canvas, very pretty.
                                                      Paul Dempsey-photographer


  1. What Beautiful Photos....That bridge is amazing and the background is just awesome. I will have to check out his photos on Facebook

  2. Myra, Artie is an amazing photographer. He has an amazing gift of capturing a beautiful photo with his camera. ~Dawn

  3. Thank you very very much for your wonderful comments on my work ... so as not to cause any confusion the photo on canvas was photographed by Paul Dempsey . Please do send me a Facebook friend request . And once again , Thank you very much .

    1. I did check out your photos on Facebook, and they are certainly have a gift for taking pictures....