Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trenton Quilt Show

Divingabe and I have been visiting High Springs, four years including this year. The first year we were here he saw a sign that advertised the quilt show and knew I would like it so Divingabe,Rip and I were off to see the quilts. The quilts were abundant that year. Everywhere you looked there was a quilt and they were so colorful and I couldn't take enough pictures. Rip was also a big hit with the ladies. Divingabe walking him, Rip was his chick magnet!

This year there weren't as many quilts and they were all beautiful but the colors were darker and I also noticed that they weren't as big.

I don't know any history of the three butterfly quilts but did hear about the above. The lady made it as a barter. She needed new dentures and in exchange for her new teeth she made this for the dentist.
If you are into frogs this one is for you!This quilt was so cute and all the frogs had cute little button eyes

A truly unique piece. The photo doesn't do it justice because there is so much detail. It's a punch wool project.


  1. What beautiful quilts..the butterfly ones are dear to my heart. Thanks for letting me see them. Love the story about the barter. This would work for me, my teeth and I don't get along. The frog one is so cute, and so colorful. I like the last one, amazing how much talent some people have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These quilts are beautiful! It takes a lot of work to piece a quilt together. Not to mention all the cutting of the individual pieces. The quilt with the basket of flowers in the center, is a very intricately designed quilt. Thank you for these beautiful photos. ~Aurora