Monday, March 9, 2015

MM 137 Weeks

this is the little boy who lives up the street. I think he is 2 or 3 years old.

Gabe and I were walking Max and we heard the  garage door open at his house. I said to Gabe that I bet the little boy wanted to see Max but we didn't see anyone so we went home.

We were ready to go in when I saw his mother coming in our driveway  asking if her son could see Max.

Max has fan clubs no matter where he goes!


  1. This picture is so adorable. Look at the look of love Max is giving that cute little boy. They both look like they are so happy to see each other. No wonder Max has so many fan clubs, he is a true star.

    1. Max was so good with him. I was worried considering his size and one bump would of pushed him the kid down.

  2. What a cute picture......dogs and kids are always a good least I think so. I love Max's "smile"....he's so dang cute....and so is that little guy. Looks like Max found a friend in FL...wanna bet the little boy will be watching out the window for you guys to be walking past so he can say HI to his new buddy? :)

  3. What a beautiful picture of both Max and the loving look on the little boy too. I hope someday this little boy gets his own little Max..

  4. Cuties both! :-) Definitely the little guy will be watching for a Max sighting. I'd love to hear him chatting about the puppy down the street! 😊

  5. I wanna see Max too! That little boy is adorable!