Friday, February 27, 2015

Florida Quilt Trail, White Springs

It's not a secret in my family that I don't sew. I can't hem and when Gabe's mother lived in the states I would bring her things to mend. 

I am in awe of people who quilt. I admire the amount of work that went into each piece and I'll never forget how beautiful they are thanks to my many photos I have taken over the years.

White Springs, which is about a half hour from our home has joined four other communities in Florida and is now an official member of the Florida Quilt Trail.

This is a big deal for the tiny town of White Springs. It will help increase tourist to the area while it pays homage to the quilts that are works of art. It also honors the ladies who made the quilts. The two quilts celebrated at the ceremony Wednesday were made by Queenie Udell  and Nancy Morgan.

Queenie Udell made the Yo-yo quilt. She was born in 1919 and died this year. She learned to make the quilts from her mother and grandmother who used flour sacks and old clothing to make the yo- yo quilts.

To make the yo-yo quilt, Queenie would first cut a circle of cloth. When she had a few circles she would gather the edge of the circle with a  sewing thread. The gathered circle was pulled tight and flattened into the yo- yo circle with a tiny hole in the center where the gathers all came together. Then the quilt was sewn by hand. The yo- yos were always the size of a dime or a nickle. One of her quilts from the early 70's  is in the archive collection of the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center.

Queenie's quilt is FQT- WS1 ( Florida Quilt Trail- White Spring 1)

Nancy Morgan who made the Double Wedding Ring Quilt  made her first quilt at the age of 13. The batting was cotton filling that was left over after a local turpentine distiller finished straining turpentine. She made over 200 quilts in her lifetime. She was recognized in 1985 with the Florida Folk Heritage Award for her knowledge of southern pioneer folk life and the practice of quilting.

Nancy's quilt is FQT-WS2 ( Florida Quilt Trail- White Springs 2)

Now on to the Photos


  1. I have sewed for as long as I can remember but the one thing I have never made is a quilt. I have instruction books, God KNOWS I have fabric....I've just never done it. I too envy the people that make them-OH the talent. I can't even imagine the hours and hours it took Queenie to make ALL those yo-yos! Just cutting the circles alone, never mind all the hand sewing! It's gorgeous, as is the Double Wedding Ring quilt. Sewing those curves is an art....THAT I know.

    It's so nice to see these treasures and the people that created them honored. It looks like you had a great time, Linda. :)

  2. Carol, I almost didn't go. They were calling for heavy rain and I hate driving in bad weather. I wrote down the program on my calender and then wasn't sure if it was that day. I looked up the number and it was wrong. Called Stephen Foster State Park ( which is right around the corner) and they had no idea what was going on. I then called the White Spring Town Hall and they said yes it was on the day I added it to the calender.

    They had a number of speakers and it was a very informative. I hope they do more in the future.

    One thing I noticed, many of the ladies had their husbands with them. Gabe would NEVER go. When I told Gabe he just laughed and said they were there for the food.

    They served a light lunch. LOL

  3. Oh these quilts are amazing. The yo you quilt is just beautiful. I can't imagine anyone having the patience and skills to do this. They are just so talented. I wouldn't want to use that quilt at all, just have it to admire. The wedding ring one is so delicate and simple, but yet you know there was so much work involved. Also, that quilt that is in the Nature Center is super amazing. How beautiful and how much work there must have been to make those people come to life. I am in awe. I also like the window paintings. I bet you are really happy that you did go. LOL, Gabe said the husbands went only for the food.....he is too funny.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us. I would have loved to have gone with you.

  4. Oh I have never seen the circle quilt before. Beautiful. My favorite is # 11. I love the picture and the era of the quilt.I must belong back in that time. I do love to quilt but not anymore. My hands and fingers are both torn up from my falls. Thank you Linda for sharing .

    1. I think they are so beautiful- glad you enjoy them Dottie

  5. very pretty quilts my aunts quilted all my life they have al passed and none of the girls in the family took interest.
    I have several homemade quilts

    1. I'm glad you have them Marie. I'm sure Amanda will love them as much as you do.

  6. Gorgeous quilts and they should be preserved. I especially liked the wedding ring one. I can't imagine the time put into all of them. The yoyo one had to have taken forever.

    So nice that the weather didn't keep you from going, Linda.

  7. They're gorgeous. Wish I had time to sew more