Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grandma Dorothy Woodward-Andrews "Sour Cream Apple Pie"- Guest Post

We are so very lucky to have wonderful neighbors in Florida. Jamie and Jeff live across the street. I love to bring them goodies from time to time and Jeff surprised us with this wonderful pie which was delicious.

Thank you Jamie and Jeff for sharing Grandma's recipe.  

For For over 20 years, my husband Jeff has used his Grandmother's recipes to hold the rag ends of family together. Each Thanksgiving we gather under our roof to celebrate tradition and recount good memories of the past. Jeff's grandmother is remembered fondly while her great-grandchildren play on the floor with the mischief and ferocity of 6 week old kittens. 

The matriarch of the family, Dorothy Rose Woodward Andrews has been gone almost a decade but she is present in the Sour Cream Apple Pie. The delightful flavor combinations of a sweet and sour dessert remind the family of her love. She had the ability to make harmony using unlikely ingredients and peace amongst irascible relatives. 

Enjoy Grandma's Sour Cream Apple Pie with whipped cream and loved ones


6 medium apples like Granny Smith variety
 3 T flour
 1 c sugar
 1 c sour cream
 1/4 tsp. ground cloves
 1 1/2 tsp sugar
 Cinnamon to taste
 Pie shell


Fill shell with thinly sliced apples (peeled). In bowl, mix flour, 1 c sugar and cloves together. Add sour cream to mix and combine thoroughly. Pour over apples. Sprinkle cinnamon and 1 1/2 tsp sugar over top. Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes, then at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Enjoy a slice Dorothy style with whipped cream on top. 


  1. Ohhh boy do those pies ever look good.....Grandma Dorothy sure knew how to do it up right! My grandmother's name was Dorothy too and she could make something delicious out of virtually nothing. It was a gift they had I think.

    I love how easy this pie is to put together too. I've made a sour cream apple pie before but it was more complicated than this recipe.....I'll be giving this one a try the next time we're hankerin' for some apple pie.

    Thank you so much Jamie and Jeff for sharing this treasured recipe. :)

  2. Wow Jamie......these pies look so good. I am late getting on today. Lots of things needed to get done. I am so glad that I came now. I love the tradition your family has of recounting the memories of the past. Old family recipes are the best. Especially the ones that have their writing on them. Makes them seem like they are still here. I MUST share this recipe. Lots of people I know are pie makers and this would be a great one for them. So nice to "meet" you on here. I hope to find more recipes from both you and Jeff. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I would love to have Grandma Dorothy at my table. I will deffinitly be trying this.Thank you Jamie for sharing this with us.

  4. Family recipes make wonderful memories. I've never made an apple pie with sour cream before. I love hearing family stories & about where recipes come from. I think recipes like this come from the heart & taste the best. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I need to pick up some apples.

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