Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We are going to a party tonight and going to bring a recipe that has black eye pea- they are suppose to bring good luck

Picked up herring and grapes for tomorrow and I have collards still growing in the back yard.

Here's a list of folklore . Here's one about the weather--
 The direction of wind during sunrise on New Year morning held prophesies about the coming year. Wind from south foretold of fine weather and prosperous times ahead while wind from north foretold of bad weather. Wind blowing from east foretold of natural calamities and wind from west foretold of plenty of milk and fish. No wind meant joy and prosperity throughout the coming year.


  1. Happy New Year ladies. I pray everyone has a happy & prosperous new year.

  2. A happy and healthy 2015 to all!

    I gotta tell ya-some of that folklore made me laugh. A tall dark handsome stranger showing up at my door bearing a small gift? HAHAHAHAHA! And if I wait for someone to walk in before I walk out? I'm gonna be in this house for a LONG TIME!

    Open all the doors and windows to let the old year out.....if the weather was warm like last week I'd consider that one.....single digit temps? I don't think so.........

    I must try and remember to have my RIGHT FOOT touch the floor first tomorrow.........

    Reading through those was fun!

  3. Happy New year to all of you. I really enjoyed the list of traditions but some of them made me say Duh! It was -7 last night I am not opening the windows LOL. I am not Greek or Polish so I will forgo the grapes and Herring..(I am not sure I have ever tasted herring)...I love pork ribs cooked in sourkraut, but I think the blackeyed peas and Ham will have to do me for luck this year. Thanks Linda

  4. Happy New Year. Wishing all much happiness and the best of health.

    My fil was German and loved his herring. I must admit I didn't like it when he brought them to my house! I thought they were pretty stinky and you may be sure I never tasted them. So, we certainly won't be following German folklore.LOL

  5. Well I don't like herring and I'm not polish. So maybe one donut a year for me.