Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good people doing good things

Volunteers providing food to elderly and poor people through the Meals on Wheels program began to notice that people were sharing their limited food with their pets, an organization called AniMeals was developed to feed their pets as well.

Meals on Wheels is a fantastic program, and should be funded to the hilt. 

What this organization does is provide regular human contact, which helps stave off getting any wackier. They also can be the first to notice a problem, fall, unconscious, etc. For many, this is the only company they get, and they cherish every minute.

Now they have help to feed their pets.


  1. How great is this? So many times pets are forgotten in the big picture. Pets are so important-especially to elderly and shut ins.......many times they're the only "company" these people have. What a wonderful idea to have donations of pet food for this cause. Now everyone can get a nice meal.

    I wonder if this is being done around here? I'd be happy to donate a bag of dog food every now and then.............

  2. I hear that Carol. I think this is fantastic and should be included everywhere. Pets are family and very important. I would surely donate bags/cans of food as well. No one should go without a good meal, not even our pets.

    Need to check this out further here. Thanks for the heads up Linda, More people need to be aware of this

  3. We have focus hope that help the elderly . They also have so one that give you a bag of food for your dog and cat. It warms my hheart that they help they do this.