Monday, February 24, 2014

MM 84 Weeks


  1. Oh boy-looks like play time! That brown dog has been well loved by Max that's for sure. Our dogs had their favorites that they'd play with so much they'd rip apart. HOW MANY times I sewed them back together I've lost count of. Kayla would sit and watch me sew her favorite toy and would be like a little kid when I handed it back to her-she'd run all over the place with it. Gosh I miss my puppies.....those were some good times.

    I have to admit, our dogs had a plastic box full of toys.......worse than kids! Yup-we spoiled them rotten and loved every minute of it. :)

  2. Same here Carol. I need to donate some of these toys to our Animal shelters. Lady Lucia has her favorite that I've resewed so much I don't remember what that little critter was. She looks for it first thing in the morning. Max is such a stunning looking big boy .Even at play..

  3. Love these pics. That brown doggies is really his fav. I have so many toys here, I have to take some and put them away, and then take them out at another time. He thinks they are new. Going to pick Chase up later on today from the dog nanny. I missed him.