Monday, April 23, 2012

Along the way

                      Saturday (4/21/12) bird presentation
                                   in Lake City, Florida                          

Small Falcon(notice tiny bells on feet)
Barn Owl

Norton is a rescued barn owl. He was injured in Albany, NY. A state trooper found him and contacted the people who had today's presentation. He was flown to Florida in a Fex Ex plane and rode in the cockpit! He's blind in his left eye and his left wing was so badly injured that he will never fly again.

Red Tail Hawk

I was lucky to be there on the day  Accipiter Enterprises with Master Class Falconer Kitty Tolson Carroll brought her hawks,falcons and owls to the market in Lake City.

On the way home I drove through

I didn't see any watermelon fields but check this out
Watermelon Parks very own Tara!

This sign is about 100 feet from the above house. I think of the Sam Elliot commerical:Beef- it's what's for dinner commerical.

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  1. Very interesting post. Loved the pictures of the birds. Poor owl, he is lucky he found a great home. The falcon is so pretty and the hawk is beautiful. Watermelon Park and no watermelons, hmmmm, wonder why. The Tara house is really pretty, wouldn't want to clean all those rooms tho.