Wednesday, February 4, 2015

$31K-plus raised for man, 56, who walks 21 miles in commute

It said he's had perfect attendance at his job of over 12 years. The article says his commute is longer than his 8 hr shifts at the factory. WOW. I couldn't imagine. He has some serious dedication.

According to the article, it's 8 miles to work and 13 miles back, he takes different routes. The daily total is 21 miles.
He says walking was faster than taking the bus for the whole ride due to cutbacks in service. However, he does take the bus each day currently for part of the trip, in addition to the 21 miles of walking. Detroit to Rochester Hills is about 28 miles each way by car, so quite a bit is by bus. In a photo caption, it says his total daily commute takes 22 hours each day and he works 5 days a week. I think this must be a misprint and they are trying to say his commute plus his 8 hr work day adds up to 22 hrs. The photo shows him asleep on the bus, so that's where he sleeps apparently.

Article also notes that car insurance in Detroit is the highest in the US and averages $5000 a year.



  1. I caught the tail end of this on the news last night so I didn't hear the whole story. That goes to show-yes, if there's a will there's a way. He gets home, sleeps a couple hours then does it all again? And some think they have it SOOOO hard. They have NO idea. My hat's off to this gentleman. He's a hard worker who does whatever it takes to get to his job. I can't imagine. Perfect attendance too-how many can say that?

    Gosh you'd think someone could pick him up and drive him at least partway to work so he didn't have to take the bus.

    And the car insurance rate in Detroit.....OUCH-I thought MA was bad!

    I hope this story brings about change and this man is given an easier commute to and from work. He's earned it.

    1. I catch the news every once in awhile and missed this but saw the story on reddit.

      Wish more people were like this man and not ticks on people.

  2. I did see this on the news also. He is a very dedicated worker, and to do what he needs to do to get to work is amazing. You would think that someone would offer to pick him up as Carol said. Our car insurance is very high here also in Pa. Let's hope things work out for this hard working man.

  3. I had just seen this on the news today. I wish him the best and hope he spends it wisely.

  4. He's an amazing man, that's for sure. He's thinking of others even after all the offers being made. I hope this works out well for him

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