Sunday, January 4, 2015

Emma, Le Trefle


  1. HAHAHAHAHA-PERFECT! I've given that "look" to Bob many a time.....and I agree with Emma.....the old way works PERFECTLY for me as far as a pencil, paper and books go.........I ain't changin' my ways!

    I'm a real hardhead like that....if it ain't broke, don't go messin' with it. A book in my hands is preferred over a "tablet" of some sort ANY day...............

    1. SHOOT I wasn't done...........and a recipe written on a piece of paper with a "scribble stick" beats one stored on a computer least I know I can pull it out and get the cooking started....the computer crashes? There's no telling if I can get the recipe back.

      Old fashioned? Yup-that's me-but so far it's working JUST fine.......... :)

  2. OH YES, I am old fashioned also. I prefer the old way of paper and reading a book much better. I LOL at the ending of this.....too many people rely on their machines and tablets and phones. I have had people say to me, why don't you pay your bills online........NO WAY.....I would rather know I wrote a check and mailed it, rather than have it go through online. I am in total agreement with Carol...."the old way works PERFECTLY."

  3. That was too funny! I have both a Nook and a Book. I don't like the nook because it has issues (jumps around, freezes etc). But they are easier to read at night. I am inching slowly into modern times......I did get 3 books on amazon for 1 cent each. Seriously!

  4. Myra I do not pay my bills online either. I have a nook and kindle fire. So much easier for me to read. I do love the smell of an old book though.

  5. I love my technology. Haven't held a paper book in ages but did read 129 books in 2014 on my IPad. To each their own, that is for sure! Have tons of recipes saved on the IPad which is then backed up to the Cloud to be retreived if necessary. Works well for me as well as online banking! 😊