Monday, June 2, 2014

MM 97 Weeks

Ginny and Max

Ginny is one of our neighbors. She has lived in our neighborhood for 30 plus years also. She has known every one of our dogs and we knew hers.

I give her a lot of credit. She loves wildlife and one day quit her job to start a wildlife rehabilitation center. It started in her home and they now have a beautiful building and staff to help.

Made her dream come true.


  1. Oh boy, Max is in 7th heaven getting all that lovin' from Ginny-his "smiles" say it all. :) What a wonderful thing she's started. Is her wildlife rehabilitation center close to you? How cool is that..........kudos to her for following her dream and making it a reality.

  2. What a wonderful neighbor you have. I can see Max is lovin' every minute of his rubs. It must be such a great feeling to have a dream follow through into real life. What kinds of animals does she rehab? Must be a wonderful feeling to have something get better under your care. Any pictures you can share from her rehab? Please tell Ginny hello from me, and tell her she is doing a great job. Maybe I can meet her one day.

    1. All of them Myra, from birds ( which started it) to deer and anything that is hurt. She use to work for the county and decided that there was a need and she had the passion. I'll ask her if I can visit and take some photos.
      I sure hope you can meet her!

    2. How amazing your neighbor Ginny is to have followed her passion by establishing a wildlife rehabilitation center for all wounded animals. She sounds like a very special lady who cares deeply for all wildlife. I can see from these photos that she is so loving towards Max, and Max is enjoying all this loving from Ginny. Max seems to be in all his glory!

  3. What a blessing Ginny is. I am sure Max feels this with her touch. He is one happy fellow with the love and attention he is getting. Linda give Ginny a hug for me. She is doing something wonderful. God Bless her. And you too.