Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lest We Forget

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion.

It may be 70 years since D-day, but we owe our freedom to those who fought there as well as World War 1.

I say rest in peace ALL who fought and died on that day on those beaches.
9,000 bodies etched into the Normandy sand to represent the dead on the first day of the landing.
We will never know their story's, but what is important is that we remember them all for what they did and what in the end cost them their lives.


  1. What an amazing sight-all those bodies etched in the sand. I saw a man who was part of that invasion on the news yesterday-he was 95 years old and was talking about it. 9,000 deaths in one day-it's hard to wrap your brain around.

    Yes, may they all rest in peace-and may we all remember this day-and be thankful to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to give us freedom..............

  2. I am so grateful to all of those 9,000 . I am also blessed that Dad made it home from this. My brother wanted Dad to watch Saving Private Ryan and Dad told him no. He said he lived it and he didn't need to see it . I'm sure he saw many of his friends lose their lives. God Bless them all..Including those that made it home. God be with our troops still in the service .

  3. My dad was there, he told us how gruesome it was. something he said was etched in his mind forever losing old friends and new friends. My uncle died there(dad's oldest brother). Dad passed away in 1998 and I still miss him very much, he was my best friend. it's sad that so many had to die to ensure our rights and freedoms and still do because our world can seem to live in peace and harmony. God Bless all of our soldiers and protect them from harm.