Monday, May 26, 2014

MM 96 Weeks

Not to sure of the new pup in the 'hood. His name is Bolt and he's a rescue from ARF. He saw Max and the hair went up on his back right away. Max looked at him like- it's ok, all I want to do is play!

Bolt needed a time out. He wasn't being nice and Max was happy he wasn't in trouble.


  1. I see that hair on his back sticking up. Guess he wasn't too sure about how to test Max. Max is a good guy, and soon Bolt and Max will be friends. Max is the best!!

  2. Oh boy-dinosaur well I remember that look. Who does Bolt belong to Linda, one of the boys that comes over? Luna is gonna have to set that puppy straight about Max.

    Myra's right-Max is a good boy! I bet they'll get used to each other soon.

    BTW-I was so sorry to read that Luna had been so sick while you were in FL. I'm so glad she's OK now.

  3. I missed where Luna was sick. I do hope she is all right now. Yes I too can see the hair standing on end. I hope Bolt becomes good friends with Max..