Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cupcake Class

I noticed a class was coming up on cupcake decoration and since Michael's is only five minutes from the house I thought why not go.

                                       This is Lisa, a very nice lady who taught the class.  

My friend Polly. She's holding the first cupcake she decorated.

Polly's cupcakes. I got home and was excited that mine came out so pretty I ran over to Leda's to give them to her. She loves sweets and the icing on the cupcakes is super sweet. 

I wanted to take a photo of Leda and the cupcakes but she didn't go to the hairdresser and said there was no way I was going to take her picture with her hair not done!

*Update- Visited Leda the day after I brought her the cupcakes and she wasn't kidding about loving sweets! Three of the six cupcakes were gone. If I get to 96, I hope I can still eat stuff that sweet. :-)


  1. It looks like you and Polly had a great time yesterday and I bet Leda was happy with her goodies. Polly's cupcakes are so pretty and I know yours were too, Linda.

    About all I can manage is the swirl like Polly did on the one she's holding. I did that with cream cheese frosting in the center of my Mom's birthday cupcakes last week. That's the extent of my cake decorating. :)

  2. Wow, what fun you must have had at the class. You did a great job with decorating the cupcakes. Now you are going to be decorating big time. I love watching those cupcake shows. LOL at Leda, she sounds like me, no picture til I am done up. Tho no pictures of me ever, I don't like how I turn out. I can't wait to see more of your decorating skills. Carol, cream cheese frosting is my favorite.

    Linda you could try cakes too, and become the next cake Boss.....

    What fun you had, I bet they were yummy too.

  3. I bet you had a great time! Good for you! Glad that Leda liked them!

  4. Polly looks so proud of her cupcake. Its cute to know at 96 we will still worry about the fact that our hair looks good before we get in front of the camera. I bet Led a is going to miss you when you go back home. If she talks on the phone. I would give her a call often. Pretty cupcakes you and Polly made. ; }

  5. I had some much fun with Mrs. Linda, and I really enjoyed the class. I have stepped up my game in decorating cupcakes. Thank you Mrs. Linda for being such a good friend and so glad your in my life.