Monday, February 10, 2014

MM 82 Weeks


We never had a dog that loves arm pits like Max does. Every night before Gabe goes to sleep Max has to jump on the bed to give Gabe a sniff or two.


  1. I think Max is one happy dog !! Gregory is his buddy and he loves when he is there. I have never seen a dog sniff arm pits before....I know Chase likes to sniff your breath, and also the you know where, but never the arm pit. Guess Max is a special one. Maybe there is something that identifies his best buds.

    Love these pics, he is a real charmer.

  2. Oh yes indeed Max is happy to have Gregory home for a visit. Now the armpit thing-that's a new one on me......I don't think any of our dogs did that...too funny.

    Uh Myra-the you know where-uh huh.........ALL our dogs did that trick...........sigh..........

  3. What a hoot with the arm pits. Maybe its a way of Max tickling Gabe and Gregory. Your Boys are handsome fellows. ;-}

  4. HAhaha. Carol.....the you know where is a favorite of most dogs, but people hate it. I really get upset when they do it to someone I am talking to........