Sunday, February 2, 2014

8th annual chili contest in Jasper, Florida

I am so glad we went to this! It's marked on the calender for us to go again next year.

Very nice ladies from the North Florida PAWS and they make good chili!

This is Mr. and Mrs. Daniels- we loved their chili! They got our vote. Gabe had sweat popping out when he had some, I had to get that sour cream to cool my throat down.


  1. What fun! We've never been to a chili cook off. Bob would have loved it back in the day-now his throat couldn't take the heat and spice darn it. Oh boy-sounds like that was some high octane chili for Gabe to break out in a sweat!

    How great that Brandi could meet you guys there too.....did she vote for the same chili you did as her favorite? Too bad Gregory wasn't there to join in the fun.

    No cooking for one night is a good thing in my book too! :)

  2. How super that you could go to this. I have watched these chili cook offs on tv, and I laugh when the people have gotten some really hot ones. Gabe looks like he was really HOT !! I am glad that Brandi could meet you there. Is that her next to Gabe ? Must have been a fun time.

  3. So glad you have a hot one there Linda. Gabe indeed looks like he would love to be diving about then to cool off.My sister in law makes chili Gabe would like.It makes fire come out if you breath out ..I'm lucky to get a spoon down.